Saturday, 8 May 2010

A summary of my writing so far...

Over the years I've written screenplays, articles, short stories, and I'm currently working on a children's fantasy book. The novel will probably take up a lot of my posts, so I won't add anything about it in this one.

Anyways, I had no success with the screenplays and they are saved somewhere on my computer and maybe, just maybe, I'll get around to them again one day.

My first attempts to write articles and short stories, also met with no success. In fact I had plenty of rejection letters. But, as a writer, you really have to prepare yourself for them. They are part of the game and everyone who tries to get published will have a collection of them in a folder somewhere.

It's easy to give up after a rejection. Even easier to give up after twelve, but you shouldn't. If your goal is to be published one day, you have to learn to deal with those rejections and keep plugging away until you achieve your goal.

I did keep plugging away and, after a dozen rejections, I was finally published in a magazine back in 2001. Over the next few years I've had more success with publishing and have, to date, published close to a hundred articles, essays, and short stories.

In this blog, I'll try to share some of my experiences, some advice on writing and getting published, and also some short stories. With any luck, some of it will be worth reading. Yeah, one can only hope.

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